Services from Bovi Genetics

Donor Residential Unit
This state of the art residential ET facility was built with cow comfort in mind. Minimum stress ensures their stay is as pleasant and productive as possible. Quality controls extend to the testing of the semen straw being used for AI. It is checked to ensure the semen is fully viable for insemination.
Flushing & Embryo Transfer
A consultation by one of our highly experienced staff, fertility treatments and a step by step program will ensure positive steps to a successful flushing and embryo transferring process.
Recipient Pregnancy Package
This unique package offers you the option of recipients, all screened free from BVD, Leptospirosis and Neosporia, and vaccinated for BVD and Leptospirosis prior to embryo implantation. We source the recipients, implant the embryos and confirm 60 days in calf prior to collection.
Disease Control
All cattle are 30 day TB and Brucellosis tested prior to arrival and checked for IBR on collection day.
Pre-breed scanning
Scanning of Donors/Recipients prior to implantation of embryos or flushing ensures the health status of both are ideal for ET to optimize results subsequently benefiting you the farmer.
Sexing Pregnancies
All recipients are scanned at 30 and 60 days. At the 60 day check gender of calve is diagnosed.
Mobile Unit
The mobile unit allows us to bring our mobile laboratory on farm. Bovi Genetics send an ET programme and you the farmer/breeder administer the FSH injections yourself. Alternatively, you can completethe programme at home and later bring your donor to the ET unit for recovery. The mobile laboratory is fully equipped to undertake all ET procedures.